Student Career Exploration Program

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We partner with students to design a roadmap for success and meaningfulness.

"I wanted to touch base with you. I've just completed my undergraduate program. I wanted to thank you for the career coaching program I attended during my senior year of HS. As I told Tommy Carrington (co-Facilitator) already, I think that course really helped me to restructure my approach to higher education and working life with a focus on long-term goals and personal investment. It has made a big difference."
Chris C., Past attendee (a High School Student at the time) graduating from college

"This is incredible and extremely insightful. This is not at all what I was provided in high school." 
Sydney H., Sophomore College Student

"This is a must for every student regardless of academic achievement. Very motivational. Excellent and worthwhile!"
Mother of 4 kids, all have completed the program, all are academic high acheivers

Career Coaching for StudentsTM is the leading career exploration and planning program that takes a proven approach to coaching students:
  • Assessing your "talent", resulting in greater self-awareness of strengths and passions
  • Understanding the value of personal strengths in different career choices Parents: Subscribe to our parent newsletter, receive free parent style assessment
  • Identifying high-potential career options that align with your talent
  • Establishing tangible, meaningful personal goals
  • Leveraging the power of networking to help the student achieve their goals
  • Investigating high-potential career areas of interest beyond the typical surface analysis
  • Choosing a major and finding summer internships that align with a career interes
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We reduce the risk of failure and
increase the risk of incredible success.


The Career Coaching for Students program employs assessments developed by TTI Success Insights, the world leader in the science of self.

TTI Success Insights - experts in the Science of Self

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Click here to hear what leading coaches have to say about these assessments.

Tap on link, Tap Full Screen, Page through slides to learn about steps to student career and college major decision making

Program Steps Overview - Best-Practice Student Career Planning Slideshare Presentation

From Carol Christen, author of What Color Is Your Parachute? For Teens
"You won't generally find "How to choose a career" among high school or college classes. Young people still have to figure it out on their own."
"Carl, That's an excellent visual explanation of career development. Kudos! If parents and teens who see your graphic don't get the idea that developing a career is more than the idea to go to college, nothing will get through."

Why Career Coaching for Students™ is for every student!

  • Help students envision a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating.
  • Provide the framework for helping students learn to project into the future and understand the consequences of today’s choices and actions.
  • Expose students to potential stumbling blocks that could impede their success
  • Help students develop resiliency skills and attitudes required for a productive transition into adulthood.
  • Help students become identity-achieved, a necessary developmental process for all adolescents.  
  • Provide practice in the communication and interpersonal skills required for career and personal success.
  • Facilitate students’ recognition of the value of education and the importance of becoming internally motivated to succeed in school.
  • Motivate students to challenge themselves and strive for higher achievement.
  • Help students understand how education, training, and career choice will impact their personal lifestyle.
  • Motivate students to apply themselves, because once they understand how core subjects (e.g., reading, writing, speaking, computing) impact their success in a desired future, academic achievement will increase.
  • Teach a life and career planning “process,” so students can continually adjust their plans throughout their education and adult life.
  • Help students become “career focused,” so every student is prepared to enter the workforce upon completion of their education.
  • Facilitate the development of a personalized ten-year plan that matches each student’s career aspirations.
  • Teach students the life skills, aptitudes, and key qualities needed to successfully transition into post-secondary education and/or training, the workforce, and adulthood.


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For High School Students, Job Shadowing Can Be Critical to Choosing a Career

Our coaches provide assistance to the family in securing job shadowing opportunities for the student. See a student testimonial below. Before that happens there are a few things for the student to do which we facilitate as part of the program.

HS Student Testimonial: I just got home from shadowing [a person in my career interest]. Thank you so much for hooking me up with this place! I loved it, I talked to [your contact] and she set me up with one of their directors and I enjoyed every minute. It opened my eyes to the world of advertisement! An art director for an advertisement agency basically gets information from the client of what they want the advertisement to be about and they work with that. They basically create the idea of the advertisement. I found it so interesting because there is so much art and design put into advertising which makes it so cool! They're also always getting new projects from their different clients so they're never doing the same thing. I learned a ton of information on advertising and I now have people who I can contact there and ask questions if I need to. Thank you again for setting me up with [your contact], that was a HUGE help!

Sincerely, Will, Ohio               

What is a coach?
  • A coach IS a guide, a helper, a supporter, an encourager, a partner
  • A coach is NOT an enforcer or a director
  • Coaching is about being an ally, helping guide youth toward realizing their own ideas, goals and decisions
  • An ally is defined as "one in helpful association with another"

Most commonly heard statement from parents:
"I wish I had this when I was in high school"

Career Coaching for Students Can Reduce Drop Out Rates, Increase College attendance rates

FAQs addressed in the Career Coaching for Students program:


From parents: From students:
How do I inspire my teenager to think about and engage in a future, not just the moment at hand?
Besides monetary considerations, what should I think about when considering a career?
How do I guide my teenager without imposing my own goals and dreams?
How do I choose a college that best supports my career interests?
How do I help my teenager deal with the apprehension about their next stage in life?
What questions do I need to ask myself -and answer- to identify and explore my passions and potential career choices?
How do I parent while leaving the final choice in the college selection process to my teenager?
What needs to be my top priorities for choosing a college? How do I find the best college choices for me without spending a lot of time?
What activities can my teenager do at home or over the summer to support a career interest?
How will I know a career is right for me? How can I talk to someone in that career interest? How can I find a job-shadowing opportunity to learn more about a career interest? What questions should I be asking if given the opportunity to talk with someone in a career interest?
How do I find financial aid and scholarships? What is FAFSA and why do I need to know about it?
How do I shift from a feeling of "walking blind" and uncertainty to confidence and faith that I'm doing the right thing and feeling I'm in control of my own destiny?
How do we avoid thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses/loans?
How do I avoid changing majors several times and adding extra semesters (and thousands of dollars in college expenses) in college?
How do I significantly increase the odds that my son/daughter will find happiness and success?
How do I find happiness and success? How do I confidently select a career path and an educational path that will be the best for me?


  ABOUT Career Assesments - What Parents Need to Know

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The evidence and costly impact of typical school-provided career exploration and planning is found in the statistics:
  • The average U.S. college student changes majors at least once

  • Studies show as many as 50% of students change majors 3 times

  • Over 40% of incoming freshmen in most universities enter as "undeclared in their major - and advisors state "that is ok".

  • Most college students take 5 years to graduate strictly due to changing majors

  • Extra time results in thousands of dollars of avoidable expense per student

  • Average college student faces a whopping $19,000 of student loans

  • Studies show 40% - 65% of adults are unhappy in their current job - an unfortunate path that is set during school