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How to start a movement

How could we consider this "starting a movement"? Think about it. Every high school has counselors and most have sme kind of online career technology and a career and college readiness curriculum. Every college, university and vocational school has career centers, career counseling staff and assessments for students. There is no need for a movement, right? There are millions of tax dollars being spent to provide "career counseling" at the high school and post-secondary level.

So why should we be doing something as crazy as starting a movement when most in this career counseling/career coaching profession, especially those associated with public institutions or state educatoin agencies will quickly tell you they have it figured out?

To answer that question for yourself, take a poll of parents and high school students, recent high school graduates, college students and recent college graduates. Include adults that are in their first five years of their career too. The questions are simple: What was the quality of career exploration support that you received or are currently receiving? How much time and/or money do you feel you wasted trying to "find" yourself and choose a career direction? Ask them to consider how many times they changed college majors, how much earning potential they lost due to a delay in starting their career, and how much better their academic performance would have been if they had better clarity about their purpose and direction. 

Our poll results tell us close to 100% of post-secondary young adults are highly disappointed in what ever level of career coaching they received. Many received no support. Others stated they made wrong decisions based on the career counseling they received. A few state they went totally against the career counseling recommendations and pursued their passions - and were glad they did. Most will tell you the career assessment results and "advice" they received were useless, inaccurate or inappropriate/incompetent.

In contrast, those that go through the Career Coaching for Students program report extremely high satisfaction and have tangible results as evidence of the value of the program for them personally. See Testimonials. Parents constantly state "I wish I had this when I was in school." Students constantly state, "This was so much better than what my high school provided." and/or "My high school/college needs to drop what they are doing and bring this program in."

Whether you are a coaching professional, a person involved in an organization like the Boys and Girls Clubs, a high school board member or Principal or college career center director, let's start a movement together. I know I can't do it alone. But I can be part of movement with your leadership.

Carl Nielson
Chief Discovery Officer and Career Coaching
Career Coaching for Students

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