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CCfS_A_Practical_ApproachTeensComprehensive, Personalized

Students And parents* Attend two sessions (total of 5 hours!) 

In the comfort of Your home (by private tele-webinar)

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Who is this program for?

  • High School Students, especially incoming freshmen and any student wanting more clarity and control over their future.
  • College Students* who are undecided about a major area of study or who want greater clarity and control over their future.
*We provide a college version for college students to specifically address the unique needs of college students. Even seniors in college can greatly benefit from this program. Students who are undeclared in their major will clearly benefit.


About this program

This webinar is designed to help young people discover and understand their talents and interests and connect these talents and interests to rewarding career options. Then, by researching the career options more deeply, the student defines potential career goals and develops an academic strategy for achieving these goals. Our focus is on self-awareness, decision-making skills and building a solid foundation for the future.

*Career exploration and planning is a big deal, and can be a challenge for anyone. A proven step-by-step program and an expert in career coaching with extensive knowledge of industries and job trends certainly brings clear value. But we also believe in leveraging the partnership between the student and parents. The more the parent understands the strategies and program design, the more likely the parent is able to be a helpful partner in the process that is appreciated by the student. We want to make it clear that this program is intended to engage the student and support the student in carrying out the exercises and learning for how to apply an effective decision-making process for choosing a career, choosing a major and even choosing a college. Parents who also attend, listen and learn along with their son or daughter can provide an effective support system throughout the journey. With this program, students value and appreciate parent invovlement. Still, we caution parents to take a subordinate role and stay aware of their own anxieties.

Why this, Why now? With this program, students will:

  • Understand their full potential — and gain a new perspective about their talent
  • Identify career options that create passion and success
  • Reduce the family’s risk and expense of changing majors and extending post-secondary education
  • Be more motivated to reach educational goals now
  • Gain accurate self-awareness that provides positive motivation and clarity for the future
  • Learn about financial aid options—make dreams come true

Research has uncovered the truth about self-awareness. Students who have a better understanding of their interests and abilities are prepared to:

  • Target opportunities to develop the “extras” that top colleges want to see in their applicants, (research participation, leadership initiative, work experiences) ...the kinds of experiences that provide students with the soft skills that are highly sought after by employers in all fields.
  • Seek and win important career-relevant college internships, which may then result in employment after graduation.
  • Identify and complete courses in high school that support a strong academic record based on personal goals and career interests.

This program specifically helps students get ready to succeed in high school, college and career in the following ways:

  • Defining and connecting talents to future aspirations.
  • Making self-directed and informed choices that lead to academic planning and goal achievement.
  • Crafting an educational strategy, including choice of post-secondary major and school.
  • Focusing personal skill development and extracurricular engagement.
  • Applying highly reliable talent assessment results that point to high-potential career options.


This program fits your schedule. We offer meeting times 7 days of the week, morning, afternoon and early evenings.

Session One - Three hours, private one-on-one session (can be divided into two 90-minute sessions if able to be completed close together)

Session Two - Two hours, possibly in an online group setting but most of the time it is in very small groups or one-on-one.

What's Included?

  • Talent Assessment and 75-page report on your talents
  • Comprehensive one-on-one personalized debriefing of your talent report with your coach
  • Proprietary exercises to identify high-potential career interests using your talent report
  • Student Career Binder with 11 tabs for post-workshop continuation
  • Access to Student Resource Central™- the premier one-stop career and education exploration web resource for students
  • Access to Life Skills for Students™ e-learning suite of critical soft-skills
  • Personalized coaching via interactive webinar technology
  • Optional add-on One-on-One personal coaching at your convenience after completion of the 5-hour program
  • Upgrade your coaching package for 3, 6 or 12 months at a substantial discount
Download the Program Agenda

How do I Learn More?

We offer information webinars for parents and students occasionally. We are also glad to schedule a personalized 30-minute information session to answer your questions.

Click here to register to attend a one-hour scheduled public information session:

Call 972.346.2892 to schedule a personal 30-minute session or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Information Flyers to Download

8 Reasons Career Coaching for Students is Better

About the Assessments

Free Offer - Parent Talent Assessment

Questions Parents and Students Should be Asking

Our Mission for Career Coaching for StudentsTM

How Much Does this Program Cost?

The per High School Student fee is $625 plus shipping.

The per College Student fee is $695 plus shipping.

Two or more registrations: A 10% discount will be applied to the total at the time of checkout.

Is There a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Absolutely! If you don't feel this program surpassed your expectations, simply request in writing (email is fine) a "Low Satisfaction Refund" and we'll refund your fee. Refund will be delivered within 10 days via postal mail. Note: Working with thousands of students, we've actually never had a request for a refund, and we've always offered this guarantee. Parents of student participants tell us consistently that the program far exceeded their expectations and they want every family to know about this program. To read real testimonials, go here.

I've Learned Enough. How do I Register sign up my Daughter/son for this Career Exploration and planning program?

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What level of high school student typically gets the most value?


We get this question often but it has two types of answers: academic ability level and grade level. We'll answer for both.

First, when looking at academic ability, we see three types of students - the over-achiever, the achiever and the under-achiever. Another way to say it, is the highly gifted academic student, the hard worker with high grades and the under-achiever who is making average grades. We believe all students* can achieve a straight A grade average - if they have an exciting view of where they are going. 
*"All students" is a reference to all students who are not diagnosed with a significant learning disability.

But to answer the question, top-of-the-class students need this as much as anyone, yet counselors and teachers spend very little time with this student group. Everyone thinks the highly successful student will figure out their career direction with the greatest ease of all students. This is simply not true. In fact, having many interests and options can be overwhelming, causing analysis parallysis and going into college "undeclared".

Another myth - low academic performance (low grades) doesn't warrant giving much attention to career direction. We find under-achieving and at-risk teens who go through the program significantly better perform academically after attending this program. We think it is because they have found their direction which drives motivation to engage in academics and take personal accountability for their future.

Then we have the middle group, those who are achieving but aren't recognized in the same way as the top 5% of students. Many of these students, if given this program in their freshman year (or incoming freshman summer), have a very good chance of performing at a much higher academic level and graduating with a grade point average that may lead to being accepted to their first choice college as well as receiving more substantial scholarships.

When looking at grade level, we see huge value at every level but here is what we've observed as unique benefits for each group:

Incomng High School Freshmen - The ability to create a complete and thoughtful high school curriculum plan that includes extracurricular activities and summer work that support their aspirations.

High School Sophomores and Juniors - Much like freshmen, the ability to apply purpose to any curriculum planning and having a purpose which adds motivation and personal accountability for achieving the grades necessary to pursue post-secondary goals.

High School Seniors - While this program comes a little late to improve academic motivation, these students will be way ahead if they have a clear direction as they apply to colleges. Choosing a major and having a career direction somewhat mapped out place them ahead of 50% of college freshmen by the end of their college freshman year. Going in undeclared increases the odds of graduating late. That will mean significantly more costs as well as a delay in earning potential.

College students who are currently undeclared for a major or are wanting to change majors but aren't sure what to change to are primed to receive critical information and clarity to make the best decision for how to go forward. This program offers significant help for making these important decisions - in a much more effective manner than what is offered by the on-campus career counseling centers. While colleges and universities could employ this program, they don't. The simple truth is that most colleges and universities don't have the proper tools and expertise in-house - even though they will argue strongly that they do.