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Welcome to the Coaches' Blog. Our Licensed Facilitators are professional career coaches that have a passion for helping teenagers with talent awareness and career exploration. Each bring unique knowledge and experience - a blend of expert talent assessment and broad knowledge around the world of work. Each utilize the Career Coaching for Students™ program as the center piece to their high school and college career coaching service offering. We encourage you to contact any one of these coaches. See our list of licensed facilitators and links to their information here.

This blog is a collection of articles written by our career coaches. The articles are of value to parents, students, career counselors and school administrators. We welcome your feedback and participation in discussions on any topic. If you have additional experience related to a topic - please share!

Student Career Exploration and Planning Blog
Career guidance, advice for choosing a college, choosing a major, financial aid and scholarships
Student Career Exploration and Planning Blog
  • Do I Need to Have A Career Plan in High School?
    High school students who don't have the attitude that "ignorance is bliss" will tackle the work necessary to develop a career plan. High school is not too early to begin this work. For many students, a solid career plan is attainable while in high school. Continue reading
  • Internships – So You Didn’t Get One This Year
    Carl Nielson shares a strategy for getting that elusive internship next year. Continue reading
  • Free Download: Knock Em Dead Secrets and Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers
    Martin Yate is offering his recently published book Knock Em Dead Secrets & Strategies for First Time Job Seekers as a free download for Kindle. This is only available for a very short time. For any student, this is the one book to have. Continue reading
  • The Dreaded Phone Interview
    Phone interviews have become a common way for employers to screen interns and potential employees during the hiring process. This article covers many tips and techniques that will have you acing the phone interview. Continue reading
  • 5 Things Lucky People Do
    Luck isn't real. People create their own luck. Do these five things and you'll be much luckier. Continue reading
  • Is Choice of College Setting Your Destiny?
    Will the college choice you make set your destiny? A Harvard study reveals interesting trends for the top corporate jobs - trends that could be applied more broadly. The good news, you don't have to go to an Ivy school to be recognized. The playing field is somewhat more level than it was 20 years ago. Continue reading
  • Can/Should High School Students Go For Corporate Internships
    Should high school students be attempting to obtain a summer internship? Continue reading
  • State is Planning Career Education Overhaul
    The state of Louisiana, as part of a career education overhaul, is planning to end the practice of requiring students to declare a “career path” in the eighth grade. A new program in Louisiana called Jump Start is touted as a way for school districts, colleges and businesses to re-energize career and technical education, and ensure that students have the technical skills to land what economic development officials call a wave of top-paying jobs in Louisiana. In most high schools across the USA, students are not provided the kind of career exploration and counseling that would enable them to make an informed decision about which diploma path to take. To reach the goals outlined within the Jump Start blueprint, students will need to feel in control and empowered. Continue reading
  • This Is Your Time
    As a student career coach (and in adult coaching sometimes as well), most high schools students and many college students are challenged to engage in researching and planning for their future. This article presents questions and advice for any person struggling to engage or seems to have a lack of confidence. Continue reading
  • Why a Double Major is Extremely Valuable
    Students who graduate with a double major tend to be more attractive than students with a single majors and those with a major/minor combination. This article offers a short list of reasons why you should double major and a few watch outs to consider as well. Continue reading

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