TED talks have become a great tool for expanding your thinking. They have a way of keeping you inspired and give plenty of new ideas.

On our Got Motivation page, we list a few along with other videos we think are helpful. Below are top 5 TED talks on career that will inspire and expand your thinking.

Turning Fear Into Fuel: Jonathan Fields at TEDxCMU 2010

In this talk, Jonathan shares personal stories and learnings about overcoming fear to achieve what you were meant to do.


For more about types of fear, check out our studentcareercoach blog article: Fear of Failure, Success and the Unknown: Which One Controls You.

Scott Dinsmore – How to Find and Do Work You Love

In this talk, Scott dives into what drives us and how he found work that inspires him. He talks about the framework that he developed to be able to do work you love.



Sean Aiken – What Makes You Come Alive?

In this inspiring talk, Sean tells his story on how he worked 52 different jobs in one year and from it, created the One-Week Job project where he helps others to discover their passion and create a career around it.


Larry Smith – Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career

This is a very popular TEDx talk from Larry Smith, a professor at the University of Waterloo, who expressed what happens if we don’t dedicate ourselves to strive for excellence.


Michael Litt – Why You Have to Fail to Have a Great Career

This talk from Michael Litt is a follow up to Larry Smith’s TEDx presentation. Larry finishes his presentation with “You will fail to have a great career, unless…” and leaves it to us to define what unless means.

Michael brings in a little more light and talks about the “Unless” and how failing can result into massive success.


Tim Clark – Say Goodbye to Career Planning

In this talk from Tim Clark in Geneva, he expresses the need to re-define career planning because they never really work out as we plan them. Tim has developed the famous Business Model You framework where the takes principles from entrepreneurship and applies them to individual careers.


Gen Y - Coma or powered? Crystal Kadakia at TEDxSarasota